Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Greetings from Hell

I've lived in Liberal-Slacker hell for almost 10 years.  Portland has gotten more Socialist, more homeless, more crime, more protests.  It is truly "Hell on Earth" for a conservative.

Portland is the dumbest (less educated) and poorest place I've ever lived. Oh I can't forget drugs and porn.  Yup, Portland is #1 in the nation. We also lead in sexual predators, only 2% are registered.Why would anyone with a family move here? Oh yeah, we have the worst school system the the nation too!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

What the Hell?

A year since I've last Blogged on here?  I guess I really do Tweet too much! So much politics going on, also Terrorism, Obama's shenanigans, mother nature gone insane...OMG the world is ending, it's the apocalypse (maybe)!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Portland, OR has thousands of transients, bums, & homeless! They lie around the streets on every corner with their stupid signs panhandling for drug & alcohol money! Most are crazy, high, or drunk...some are all three! Oregon ranks in the top cities* for "homelessness" (bums). Most didn't loose their homes or jobs in the "Great Recession"...rather it's their lifestyle!
The very worst are the packs of "street urchins"with their pit bulls and various dogs. They range in age from 15 to 25. They are transients from other states living as road warriors, or so they think. They are mostly tweekers & are rude, violent, and aggressive! it's not unusual for them to spit or curse you if you don't give them money! I found one sleeping outside my building Sunday...drunk. I kicked him on the bottom of his shoes and asked if he was OK. He slurred, "Yeah". I told him to get the hell out! Portland is sleezeville & not a place to raise kids. Lots of crime, public urination & in public (seen it twice)...and inner city of transients & hustling poor whites and Blacks! BUMLAND!

*5. Portland, OR
 4. San Francisco, CA
 3. Seattle, WA
 2. Tuscon, AZ
 1. Washington, DC

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Portland's Naked Bike Ride!

Evidently pics are banned on Twitter & Facebook! WTH? I used "tasteful" pics!

Friday, June 07, 2013

I Dream of Mars (republished)

I dream of Mars. Since I was a young boy reading science fiction, I have dreamed of going to, and living on Mars. Fueled by books and movies, news reports of space probes, my interest in Mars has never wavered.

My first career choice was Astronaut. I went to college originally in Aerospace Engineering for two years at the University of Colorado, Boulder. However, in my freshman year my vision degraded below acceptable Air Force Standards and I changed majors, but my interest in space and Mars, has remained high.

Many books have been written about Mars from Edgar Rice Burroughs to Greg Bear, and I have read most of them over the years. Here is a brief list of books,  which I consider the most interesting.

The Martian Chronicles - Ray Bradbury
The War of the Worlds - H G Wells
A Princess of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs
Moving Mars - Greg Bear
Mars - Ben Bova
Return to Mars - Ben Bova
Red Mars - Kim Stanly Robinson
Mars Life - Ben Bova
Mars Crossing - Geoffrey A. Landis
The Day the Martians Came - Frederik Pohl
The Empress of Mars - Kage Baker
Blood Red Sphere - Lawrence Barker

And of course dozens of others, read by me in the last 50 years!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Mid Eastern Muslim Brotherhood

 by: Dr Wendy Stenberg-Tendys

It is claimed that the Arab Muslim Brotherhood is deliberately holding back on its religious message for the moment, in the middle of a people-driven revolt that is purportedly not being determined by either Islam or politics.

The organization proclaimed its support for opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Mohamed ElBaradei, a secularist with Western democratic principles, as a transitional president, if the Mubarak government was put out of office.

Esam Shosha, a movement member said "The revolution does not belong to any one group. We are one country. It's not just about the Brotherhood, at least not now; it's about all Egyptians."

"They don't want to appear as if they're using this revolt to seize power. What they want is free and fair elections to allow them to take power transparently," an analyst at the Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo, Wahid Abdul Magid, said.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the world's most influential Islamist movement and the oldest and largest Islamic political group. Their goal however, is to also penetrate and take over other Muslim organizations in order to unite all Muslims to the general aims of the brotherhood.

The organization's beliefs are moderate when compared with many of the world's more militant Muslim organizations. However, it rejects the idea that a woman, or a Christian could be president of a Muslim country and would lean the nation's laws toward more rigorous Islamic codes. It would certainly ban alcohol and topless beaches at the resort of Sharm el Sheik. The organization also prohibits dancing and other such pastimes.

Hassan al-Banna, Islamic scholar and Sufi schoolteacher, who believed in reclaiming Islam's manifest destiny, an empire stretching from Spain to Indonesia, founded the organization in 1928.

The organization's goal is to instill the Sunnah and Quarn as the 'sole reference point for ordering the life of the Muslim family, individual and community and state'. It generally opposes violence to achieve its aims, though division has been created within the group, through its stance on no violence.

The Egyptian government accused the group of a campaign of killings in Egypt after World War II, as the organization strongly opposed Western colonialism. The Muslim Brotherhood was banned in Egypt, with members being arrested, in spite of the membership being kept a secret. The brotherhood was involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and assisted in the overthrow of secular Ba'athist dictators in Syria.

Al Qaeda has censored the brotherhood and charged them with 'betraying the cause of Islam and abandoning the 'jihad' in preference to forming political parties and supporting modern state institutions'. While studying at university, Osama bin Laden claimed he was influenced by the religious and political beliefs of many professors, who had strong connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

About The Author

Dr Wendy Stenberg-Tendys and her husband are CEO's and founders of YouMe Support Foundation, providing high school education grants for children who are without hope. You can help in this really great project by taking a few minutes to check out the Sponsor a Student program at ( It will change the life of some really needy kids in the South Pacific.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Terrorism 101?

My undergraduate degree is in Political Science.  As far back as 1970, I have held a dim view of the world and the direction global politics was heading.  The recent terror attempt on Christmas Day 2009, got me rethinking some of my previous opinions.

I remember very well when 9/11 happened.  I worked for a major Financial Services company in their Detroit office.  What initially appeared to be a horrific accident, soon evolved into an act of terrorism.  When the first tower fell, I knew the US was at WAR....with someone!

Everything went into lock down....schools, offices, etc.  Fights were immediately cancelled, with rumors of at least 7 planes possibly hijacked.  The quick action of the FAA probably saved thousands of lives, because surely more flights in Chicago and the west coast had hijackers on board.........hijackers that simply left the planes when they landed.

Terror? Sure it was.  There is constant "chatter" and rumors of Islamic Nazis hitting the US again.  But ask your self, what would you fear more.....a dirty nuke in NYC, or two or three dozen suicide bombers blowing up crowded Churches on Sunday, malls, elementary schools, athletic events or a crowded town center, all over the USA,  over the course of two or three weeks?

I suggest the latter would bring more terror!  It would also be easier to accomplish.  The real question is why it hasn't happened yet.

Re posting, again, from 1-4-10

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Is 2013 Your Lucky Number? Or is Your Number Up?

The apocalypse didn't happen per se, but B. Obama got reelected.  North Korea is reacting badly to UN sanctions and is threatening a Nuclear test & more heavy rocket tests. Syria is still killing people and their chemical weapons may be loose.

America's run-away debt and failure to balance a budget or even have a budget, echos through world financial systems. Unions, both public and corporate continue to demand more money, more free benefits, then wonder why jobs are shipped overseas.

The Obama Administration is totally reactive instead of being pro-active. The Socialist agenda continues to make everything "FAIR"! Income equality and social equality are the buzzwords.

Health concerns rise from Flu, whooping cough, etc; abnormal weather is world wide; gang shootings in major US cities almost equal deaths in the Middle East.  Chaos reigns throughout...can sanity & order even be restored? Are there some that perhaps even thrive on the chaos?

Perhaps Doomsday was merely postponed...only time will tell.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterbacks!

Come on, we all do it. Second guess everyone from the President, Quarterbacks, News Anchors, to "Local Hero's"! We're usually 1/2 right!

The Connecticut Massacre is just another example...gun control...assault weapon ban...mental health advocates...any and all would have made a difference!

Well, maybe, coulda, shoulda, woulda! Hindsight is always 20/20!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

World Chaos Continues to Increase!

Anyone with a brain should realize by now that 2012 is an unusual year!  For those that may not believe that 2012 is the End Times, the Mayan Apocalypse or other prophecies, should at least realize that everything is getting worse!

The drought...Mississippi River closed for 14 miles, barges of coal & grain stacking up, crops at all time high prices and yields lately cut by 40% (They lie, it's worse), not only in the USA, but in many parts of the world....millions may starve in the next year!

Forest fires and wildfires are not only burning large areas of the American West, but also in Asia and Europe! Food production is threatened by this other areas, vast floods are destroying crops! Short sighted humans don't have years of food supplies stashed somewhere....7.1 billion people will be hungry soon, the poor may start food riots!

Earthquakes seem to be increasing & in many unusual places such as Denmark and Antarctica, although major population centers have so far been spared.

Of course Solar storms and sunspot intensity is increasing, galactic alignment is coming soon.  Scientist poo-poo this idea, but know there is nothing they can do about it!  While not a 100% conspiracy advocate, I do believe scientists and government know all this is coming to pass, have made preparations, for them, and refuse to inform the general population to prevent panic!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last 6 Months of 2012

The last half of 2012 is beginning.  Huge, almost record wild fires, rain and flooding in other states, drought shrinking crops.  If the Mayan Apocalypse date of 12-21-12 is correct and my own theory of an increasing cycle of disasters until that date, then the rest of the year will be HELL!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chaos in Chicago

Any "Baby Boomer" watching the NATO Summit on TV, can surely see the similarities between the current protests and the "riots" at the 1968 Democratic Convention.  Perhaps some participated, perhaps some, like myself, watched in disgust at the lawless losers used their right of free speech to protest all that has made America great!

These protests , both today and in 1968, were planned months in advance, by professional agitators!  Anarchists and their goal of the destruction of the Constitutional Government of the USA are most likely financed by a foreign power using these protesters as dupes.  To advocate these protests arise spontaneously is naive at best.  Most protesters are merely ill conceived pawns, "managed" and orchestrated by a hard core of professionals...just as it was in 1968!  Believe it or not!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Webmasters...Please Make Your Sites Mobile Ready!

I have an Apple iTouch4 and a new Kindle Fire.  I estimate that at least 80% of the web sites I visit are not "Mobil Ready".  At the very least it's annoying, if not frustrating to try and see anything of value...your web site!  If your ready this post on a Mobile, you can see that mine are mobile ready!  It took a quick Google search, a few clicks in Blogger, and blogs are Mobile Ready!  It's easy to do and important if you want traffic on your Web sites.  I do over 50% of my web browsing on a Mobile device...I'm pretty sure that's normal.

Here are some mobile ready apps from other Bloggers!  As Nike says, "Just Do It"

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Thoughts

  • Sharia Law and Islam is a danger to the Non-Muslim World.
  • Golden Oreos are much better than regular Oreos!
  • Medicare abuse costs more than actual viable claims.
  • Liberal "comedians" aren't funny.
  • Everything is about politics.
  • Schools in inner cities are a failure.
  • Red meat isn't good for you, but it sure is tasty!
  • 2012 is here!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blogging From iTouch4

OK, this is a first...blogging on iTouch, sitting by the fireplace....ahhhh!

The biggest "No Smoking" violator claims he passed the inspection yesterday to weed out smokers. "No Smoking" in building has been in effect for two years! Uh huh.

Current manager is as effective as Obama....not at all!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Social Media Comments...Personal Attacks?

I am active on Twitter and Facebook.  Some subjects get my adrenaline flowing and I'll reply with gusto, but I attack the idea, not the person making the comments I disagree with.  We all have opinions, some valid, some not so much.  But it's just an "opinion" created by our personal belief system....not necessarily right or wrong.

Not everyone thinks this way however.  Take the #Occupy Movement...the hard core, really believe they are doing good for the so called 99%.  I, on the other hand, think the movement is socialism in action and a bunch of silly horse crap!  But while I disagree with the #Occupy Blogger's & Tweeters, I don't threaten them personally or call them vile names.

So folks be kind in your disagreements with others opinions....remember, don't shoot the messenger!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Republicans vs Tea party...Same or Different?

Most followers of the GOP and The Tea Party have watched the debates, Tweeting opinions in real time.  The last debate yesterday was dubbed the "CNN Tea Party Debate".  Where then is the Republican Party Debate or the GOP Candidates?  Is the Tea Party now synonymous with the Republican Party?  If so, that will be a problem in November of 2012.  Why?  Because Independents and Democrats view the Tea Party as a bunch of radical right-wing, Constitution thumping nut-jobs!

The GOP, despite the decrease in the polls of Obama and his failed policies, or "Change", needs the votes of some Democrats and a lot of Independents to win in 2012!
The Grand Old Party (GOP), as the Republican Party is sometimes referred to, can trace its roots back to the United States Democratic-Republican Party, with an anti-monarchy, pro-decentralization and pro-entrepreneur leanings, which it subsequently broke away from in 1854 owing to their increasingly leftist agenda. Its rise to power was swift, where its candidate, Abraham Lincoln, won the presidency in 1860, barely four years after they fielded their first candidate in a national election and six years after its formation. Since then, they have had another 17 Republican presidents, serving a total of 88 years.

The party boasts of 55 million registered voters, the second largest in the country, and is known as an advocate of American conservatism, espousing the role of religion, nationalism and economics at its core.

Former Republican Presidents: Lincoln (1861-1865), Grant (1869-1877), Hayes (1877-1881), Garfield (1881), Arthur (1881-1885), Harrison (1889-1893), McKinley (1897-1901), T. Roosevelt (1901-1909), Taft (1909-1913), Harding (1921-1923), Coolidge (1923-1929), Hoover (1929-1933), Eisenhower (1953-1961), Nixon (1969-1974), Ford (1974-1977), Reagan (1981-1989), Bush, H (1989-1993), Bush, W (2001-2009)
***Courtesy 2012 Republican Candidates Web Page   

WOW...this is a problem.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Agenda 21, NWO, Appocalypse, and 2012

I am amazed at the number of people on Twitter who fear and embrace the ideas of the NWO (New World Order) and the UN Agenda 21 as sinister  conspiracies against the people of the United States and our personal freedoms.  Yet these same folks scoff at the idea of us living in the End Times, the coming Apocalypse and the Mayan Calendar end on 12-21-12! Huh?

If anything, these are both symbolic of the same disintegration of humankind and our humanity.  Why is it more acceptable to think "evil, power hungry humans" control the destiny of man than the idea that "fate, celestial mechanics, or GOD" controls our destiny?  Both trains of thought are beyond the control of the average person.  Both imply we are powerless to effect our own lives!  IMHO...these are mere reflections of the real issue...the End Times.

Friday, August 19, 2011

What is Constitutional Government?

by Woodrow Wilson

My object in the following lectures is to examine the government of the United States as a constitutional system as simply and directly as possible, with an eye to practice, not to theory.

And yet at the very outset it is necessary to pause upon a theory. The government of the United States cannot be intelligently discussed as a constitutional system until government; and the answer to that question is in effect a theory of politics.

By a constitutional government we, of course, do not mean merely a government conducted according to the government with which our thoughts deal at all has a definite constitution, written or unwritten, and we should not dream of speaking of all modern government as "constitutional." Not even when their constitutions are written with the utmost definiteness of formulation. The constitution of England, the most famous of constitutional governments and, in a sense, the mother of them all, is not written, and the constitution of Russia might be without changing the essential character of the Czars power. A constitutional government is one whose powers have been adapted to the interests of its people and to the maintenance of individual liberty. That, in brief, is the conception we constantly make use of, but seldom analyze, when we speak of constitutional governments.

Roughly speaking, constitutional government may be said to have had its rise at Runnymede, when the barons of England exacted Magna Carta of John; and that famous transaction we may take as the dramatic embodiment alike of the theory and of the practice we seek. The barons met John at Runnymede, a body of armed men in counsel, for a parley which, should it not end as they wished it to end, was to be but a prelude to rebellion. They were not demanding new laws or better, but a righteous and consistent administration of laws they regarded as already established, their immemorial birthright as Englishmen. They had found John whimsical, arbitrary, untrustworthy, never to be counted on to follow any fixed precedent or limit himself by any common understanding, a lying master who respected no mans rights and thought only of having his own will; and they came to have a final reckoning with him. And so they thrust Magna Carta under his hand to be a signed, - a document of definition, which must henceforth be respected, of practices until now indulged in which must be given over and remedied altogether, of ancient methods too long abandoned to which the king must return; and their proposal was this: -Give us your solemn promise as monarch that this document shall be your guide and rule in all your dealings with us, attest that promise by your sign manual attached in solemn form, admit certain of our number a committee to observe the keeping of the covenant, and we are your subjects in all peaceful form and obedience; -refuse, and we are your enemies, absolved of our allegiance and free to choose a king who will rule us as he should.-Swords made uneasy stir in their scabbards, and John had no choice but to sign. These were the only terms upon which government could be conducted among Englishmen.

That was the beginning of constitutional government, and shows the nature of that government in its simplest form. There at Runnymede a people came to an understanding with its government which we now call "constitutional," ’ the ideal of a government conducted upon the basis of a definite understanding, if need be of a formal pact, between those who are to submit to it and those who are to conduct it, with a view to making government an instrument of the general welfare rather than an arbitrary, self-willed master, doing what it pleases, - and particularly for the purpose of safeguarding individual liberty.

The immortal service of Magna Carta was its formulation of the liberties of the individual in their adjustment to the law. The day of Magna Carta was not a day in which men spoke of political liberty or acted upon set programs of political reform; but the history of constitutional government in the modern world is the history of political liberty, the history of all that men have striven for in the reform of government, and one has the right to expect to get out of it at least a workable conception of what liberty is. Certainly the documents of English history and the utterances of the greater public men on both sides of the water supply abundant material for the definition. "If any one ask me what a free government is, I reply, it is what the people think so," said Burke, going to the heart of the matter. The Declaration of Independence speaks to the same effect. We think of it as a highly theoretical document, but except for its assertion that all men are equal it is not. It is intensely practical, even upon the question of liberty. It names as among the "inalienable rights" of man the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as does the Virginia constitution and many another document of the time; but it expressly leaves to each generation of men the determination of what they will do with their lives, what they will prefer as the form and object of their liberty, in what they will seek their happiness. Its chief justification of the right of the colonists to break with the mother country is the assertion that men have always the right to determine for themselves by their own preferences and their own circumstances whether the government they live under is based upon such principles or administered according to such forms as are likely to effect their safety and happiness. In brief, political liberty is the right of those who are governed to adjust government to their own needs and interests.

That is the philosophy of constitutional government. Every generation, as Burke said, sets before itself some favorite object which it pursues as the very substance of its liberty and happiness. The ideals of liberty cannot be fixed on the generation; only its conception can be, the large image of what it is. Liberty fixed in unalterable law would be no liberty at all. Government is a part of life, and, with life, it must change, alike in its objects and in its practices; only this principle must remain unaltered, - this principle of liberty, that there must be the freest right and opportunity of adjustment. Political liberty consists in the best practicable adjustment between the power of the government and the privilege of the individual; and the freedom to alter the adjustment is as important as the adjustment itself for the case and progress of the affairs and the contentment of the citizen.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tweet Too Much to Blog!

I've been Tweeting to much on Twitter to Blog.  Seems like anything I would Blog about has been said on bad!  Also, I have been unmotivated, falling into a pit of personal despair, that only alcohol and prescription drugs can cure!  (not really, but it sounds dramatic) 

As this is posted on am working diligently of related new Posts for my Blogs...stay tuned !